National Wetland Awards 2022

Information about the annual National Wetland Awards
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National Wetland Awards 2022


The South African Wetland Society calls for nominations for the 2022 National Wetland Awards in the following categories:

(1) Education & Skills Development;
(2) Science & Research;
(3) Stewardship; and
(4) Young Professional.

Do you know someone in the wetland community who demonstrates some of the following characteristics and you think their good efforts should be recognised?
  • Innovative and creative ideas.
  • Encourages new stakeholders into wetland conservation efforts.
  • Voluntary work or work “beyond the call of duty”.
  • Long service and legacy to wetland management or a significant and lasting impact in a short space of time.
  • Development and implementation of effective wetland management tools.
  • Contribution to transformation and capacity development in the sector.
  • Successful wetland rehabilitation.
  • Profiling the importance of wetlands in water security in South Africa.
  • Significant growth in wetland capacity/action.
The National Wetland Awards are presented annually to recognise outstanding contributions and achievements and showcase successful or innovative work in the wetland community. The recipients of these awards may work for any sector of society, including government, private companies, corporates, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions and the public.

Download the Nomination Form here.

Nominations close on Friday 16 September 2022 at 2pm. Nominations from previous years that were not successful may be submitted again for consideration.

All Nomination Forms and Supporting Documents must be submitted to the Awards Adjudication Committee Chairperson Dr Piet-Louis Grundling ( by clearly indicating in your email the name of the Proposer and the Project Title. Only Pdf documents and Jpeg images will be accepted.